Monday, March 16, 2009

This is my crying post. Two more days till Micheal leaves. It hit me yesterday at the end of my shift when I was thinking about fixing his last breakfast. He wanted French Toast with Frosted Flakes. This is our Christmas breakfast and the only time of year I make it. Tony had this on an old menu at some place he worked and the boys loved it. You just make your french toast egg batter and then put it into crushed frosted flakes and grill. When I was thinking about it I almost burst into tears. I am going to HATE Thursday. We are not allow to see him off not even his girlfriend Abby. I think this is just as emotional to his as it is to me. But I do want his flight so at least Gena can see him off.

Sock Madness is just around the bend, it starts Thursday, so that will keep my mind busy. I have that day off so I'm going to knit all day long just to see how far I can get in the first round. I know that I have gotten faster but I don't know how much faster. I will find out. The yarn suggested is a semi solid or solid the designer used Hazel Knits and test knit in Koigu. I have Hazel Knits. I will have to wind and swatch. I post pictures later of what I use.
Keep warm and keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.


summermonsoon said...

I am so sorry ... we will keep you (and everyone) in our prayers on Thursday. .. :-( :-(

arizona gramma said...

I have a big star on Thursday, so you with have lots of thoughts and prayers. Give him a hug from us....we will need his email address. Fortunately they will keep him very busy for awhile. Love you lots.