Thursday, March 6, 2008

Knitting as Fast as I Can

Sock Knitters Pentathlon

I've been knitting semi fast I've had problems with this pattern and had to learn new things. At least I have 2 months to complete. First I had to learn toe-up a new challenge, short row heel, and then magic loop, that what the pattern was written for. Well I did toe-up, short row heel but I didn't do the magic loop, didn't have the right size, I did two circs instead. The short row heel I'm still not really happy with, I have holes and I don't like that. So I have to keep working on it till I get it right. I have to admit I liked using 2 circs you don't drop your needles which I am always doing. Toe-up wasn't that bad. Over all it is a great learning experience. All these items I have wanted to learn and do but just didn't think I could, now I know I can do anything if I just try. But I can't wait to return to my dpns.

Around the 13th of March Sock Madness begins which I have decided to do. This time I don't have 2 months to complete the sock but a much shorter time frame if I want to continue in the game. We are put into divisions which there is 4 groups, Maryland Merino Madness, Baylor Ball Bands, UConn Cast On and Tennessee Twisted Knitters, my group, there is 57 people in my group so there must be that many in each group. I will be learning new things again they have given a few hints, Japanese short row heel, you need a bunch of safety pins I hope they give good directions or a good site to learn from. Once again toe-up, charts, cables and lacy bits so it should be fun. They have showed some hints at the patterns but just a small hint so you can't tell what it is. Can't wait though.

Woolgirl Charlie Brown's Easter

I received my Charlie Brown Easter Kit and LOVE it. I can't believe the work Jen ,Woolgirl, puts into these kits. Not only do you get yarn and a pattern but all the goodies she finds to go with these kits. The yarn, once again came from tvyarns, Jana, who's yarn, I love her colors are so alive, this yarn reminds me of Easter eggs. A great Easter pattern, a mini sock pattern, stitch marker from sunnelite, a drawstring sock bag in Easter colors and has Snoopy on it and the best part CANDY. Hopefully I will get this pattern done before Easter of next year. No time this year. I signed up for the next kit "Joe Cool" love that Snoopy.

Penny Rose Sock Club

I am also in Penny Rose sock club we received our first shipment this week. We each received an individually dyed skein of yarn that goes with a theme Cape Cod, my skein is called Woods Hole, it is made up of greens and blues, the pattern is called "Seaside Socks" Ruth says it has waves, walks and jetties and is a lot of fun to knit. I'll get to it sometime this summer. We also got a stitch marker from Perfect Day Yarns, some tea, which I love, and CANDY, which I don't get. A great first sock club package, can't wait to see what the rest of her packages look like. GREAT job Ruth and thank you.

I bought some yarn to use in the up coming completions you can see them on my flickr pages if you want.

Here's a picture of Chris's Honda Civic. He's done such a good job. Its almost done. A lot of money but he has a show car and something to be very proud of. It is a green in color but when light hits it just right the color turns a brown I have to admit its different but he likes it .
I hope you all enjoy reading my escapades with yarn. So keep those sticks a click'n till later. Bye

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