Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sock Knitter Pentathon 2008

My Jacobean are done. YEA!!!!!! The best part of these socks is that I learned new things and that is what I should be doing all the time but you now how you seem to stick to the tried at true method and not expanding your horizons. I have wanted, to learn these procedure but just kept putting them off. Toe-up I got it down, I did a figure eight on one toe and a magic cast on on the other. I know that's bad but I wanted to learn and to try. I will work toe-up again. I also learned how to do a short row heel I tried once before but I didn't get the concept. But when you have to learn for a real you can do it. I also learn to use 2 circular needles I couldn't do magic loop because I didn't have the right size needle. So next time I will learn. The part I liked was I didn't have to look for my missing needle all the time. Don't get me wrong I still love dpn's but you need to learn different aspects. I don't like my yarn choice I should have picked out a darker color the pattern doesn't pop out at you. A little darker color might have been a better choice. But I'm not going to do them over.

I working on my Roza's Socks again frogged back to restart the heel. For Sock Madness 2 we have to do a Japanese Heel so I thought I would get in some practice. It not that bad a little bit different with all the pins, you can see how to here: I just followed the directions, I have a few small holes but I know it will get better. Have to get this one sock done so I can get to the other sock so I can practice one more time. I don't know when that pattern will come to to play. We start on the 13th.

Got to go, keep read me, and please keep those sticks a click'n. Bye

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