Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Can't Believe Febuary's Almost Over

Where has this month gone? Even with one extra day its gone to fast. With March almost here,I will be starting some serious knitting.
SKP2008 (Sock Knitters Pentathlon 2008) we will receive a new pattern every other month knitting 5 pairs of sock in 5 different styles. We have two months to get them done, the winner will be ranked by how fast they finish each pattern. The best part is you get to keep the socks you make. At the end there will be prizes awarded. So I knit as fast as I can.

Also starting is Sock Madness 2 in March sometime in the middle of the month. So I have sometime to get the first sock done before I start this one. In sock madness we knit in brackets like in a round robin elimination. There is 7-8 different sock to be knitted all in different yarns and different styles I hope that I can do this. My plan is to use yarn from my stash and I am not allowed to buy any yarn to compete in both of these contests. And once again knit as fast as I can.

On the knitting side I've finished my test knitting. I was knitting a pattern for proofing the pattern was well written I had no problems with it, it just wasn't one of my favorite patterns. But I glad I did it. The pictures don't to the sock any justice it does look better in person.

I also finished Micheal's 12th Man Sock, I had to frog a toe and make it a little longer. But it's done and it fits now.
So I started something simple that I can work on while I'm waiting to knit other item and in between items. I'm knitting Roza's Sock, I have knit this pattern several time and have enjoyed it each time.
I am using yarn I had i my stash Opal Rain forest Fish. I didn't know how it would look but its turning out well. I am going to do a short row heel.
I'll type more later on another day Tony's home from work and wants food, like its the only thing I have to do fed him.
So keep those sticks a workin on those socks. Bye for now

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