Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here is a Quick Post

I'm sorry that I haven't been better at this but every time I sit down to blog my mind goes blank. I knot that, that is normal I am getting older but I didn't think that I would loose my mind like this. Don't get me wrong, I'm still here there are just days when your mind doesn't want to work or you can't get the work down to your fingers. But today they seem to be working so I thought I might type away before I lose it again.

Life around here has been cold to say the least. We where in the freezer sort of to speak last week the temperatures around here didn't get above freezing for over a week and we had the Northeast winds blowing out of the Frasier Valley hitting us. While the snow was blowing we didn't get snow that part was nice because I don't like the drifts that it becomes. On Thanksgiving we got snow, Tony decided to have a Thanksgiving Buffet but there wasn't a great turn out. The ones that braved the snow enjoyed their dinners and asked us to do it again next year. So we are. Let's hope for no snow.

My knitting is moving along. I took a class to knit two socks at one time. O.K. I understood how they where done, we did them toe up, so I got to learn a new heel. Over all I enjoy making them this way I don't know if I'll do them all the time this way. I DO LOVE MY DPN's. I'm still working on them am on the long and I want to use all the yarn so they might be long. I decided to make them for Monica, Christopher's soon to be wife. I'm using some yarn out of my stash Buffalo Gold, I have to admit this is one pricey pair of socks. I got the yarn as payment for a sample knit I did, brown is not one of my favorite colors. But Monica need warm socks for work so I thought these would be great and I want to use this yarn again. As the name says it is Buffalo and to buy it is is $65. a sock. Yea I know they should have spun some gold into it.
I am also working on Abby's wrap for her wedding, a mystery shawl, another pair of socks I have to frog back a bit on the so they are just sitting around and a pair of fingerless mitts. I need to get a few thing off the needles to so I can start more item, I want to start a whole bunch of thing but the needles I want to use are in use.
Sorry no pictures but my computer has a virus and I'm not happy about that I have to take it in and hopefully they can get it out. I don't even know how I got it. But that's how it goes. So I'm using Tony's computer and my picture are on mine not loaded in to flicker so maybe later I'll get them to you.
So keep warm and keep those stick's aclick'n.
Happily knitting, Bye

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