Monday, July 5, 2010

The Remodel, Sock Kits, A Little Knitting and Life

I know that I've been bad at blogging lately but I really have been busy. My new craft room is coming along slowly but I'm making headway's. On the corded wall I decided that it would be much easier just to put up sheet rock. Tony helped with that so that part went good. The rest of the room is mine to do.  I got the first coat of tape and mud done in this shot.
I spent the good part of a week just on the mud and sanding. I didn't think that I would ever get that finished but it is done and on the the painting.  I did most of the primer in one day and wished I hadn't my body was sore. But when you have a day off I try to get as much done as possible.

Here's the room with it primer all done now to start taping the walls and begin with the paint. I decided to paint the ceiling white. Tony found me white paint that went on pink and as it dried it turned white, for me I thought that was a great idea!!  Here you can see the pink before it turned. Now that the ceiling is done I'm going to let it set for a few days, at least till Wednesday and I will tape the ceiling and prep for Thursday and will paint the walls. I have chosen a semi bright yellow for the room. The room itself doesn't get a lot of light so this way it will always feel cheerful. I bought my flooring and am going to put down bamboo in a light color. I can't wait to get this all done so that I can buy my spinning wheel I have decided to get a Schacht Lady Bug Wheel.

Sock Kits I got two different ones so here goes:

This Kit was from Woolgirl's Sock Club,
The yarn is by Knitted Wit in Two Roads colorway, the colors range from light brown to a dark (almost purple) brown.
2 patterns Mosey Creek sock pattern by Nicole Hinds and Walk Through the Woods Kerchief by Sarah Wilson.
a needle gauge palette design by Images Stitchery Design.
A travel notebook and a club pen.
A handmade tree branch button from Wooden Treasures.
A palm wood stitch marker from Blue Ridge Notions.  This is a great kit.
Kit 2 is also from Woolgirl called Sandcastles and Summer Fun.
 The yarn is from the wonderful Miss Babs called Sandcastles, her Windsor sock blend .
A knitting accessory bag by Amy Thornton.
Flip flop stitch marker from Sunne of Sunneshine Stitch Markers
A set of 3 beachwear notepads, a beach towel, bikini and sun hat along with a pen with sunglasses shaped eraser.
A flip flop themed key fob by Amy Thornton.
Flip flop key chain and a magnet. Another great kit. This is why I love Woolgirl she put together the greatest kits.

My knitting has been slow I have finished the shawl for Mom.
I used yarn from one of my kit Ruby Red Slippers, from Zen Yarn Garden in her Bling yarn so it has a bit of silver running through it. I ran out of yarn and had to order more and this was a hard color to match up. All the skeins ran in different colors of red. Gena had a lighter color, mine was a darker red. I called Woolgirl, Jen, to see if see had any extra skeins to match up the yarn. It wasn't a perfect match but it was only in the last part of the shawl so it's not to noticeable.

Work we had our 1 year anniversary dinner. It went real good but was very busy. Dad loves balloons. So we had balloons. Which he had to blow up. I love cake so we had to have cake. White cake and Chocolate cake the sad part was we went through all the cake and I didn't get any but 2 pieces I wanted more

Well I think that that's enough for now. I really should do this more often so my finger don't get so sore typing and by brain goes to mush. Well you know what to do keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting something, Bye

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