Saturday, July 17, 2010

Queen of Hearts Woolgirl Kit

I love this kit and had to share with everyone out there in blog land. So here it is: The Queen of Hearts. Did I WOW love it. It was so well worth the wait. The kit was due out the end of June and we just got it today. But LOVE IT. Here is what was in this kit.

The yarn is from Curious Creek Fibers Wasonga fingering in Queen of Hearts.
2 patterns: Queen of Hearts cock pattern by Lori Law  of Oceanwind Knits and Oblique Scarf pattern by Christina Wilkins
A Queen of Hearts silk and Satin accessory drawstring bag from Baba Studio. This is what took so long to get the bags where ordered 6 months ago. and are handmade in the Czech Republic. But the bag is totally beautiful.
 A pair of Love scissors in black designed by Paula of Kelmscott designs. with a scissor case, by A Knit Purl Sew.
A queen of Hearts cloth covered tape measure (didn't get in the picture).
 2 Alice in Wonderland bookmarks.
A Queen of Hearts key chain
A little bag of Cinnamon hearts.
A one of a kind hand-crafted stitch marker from WeeOnes.    
So till later, keep those sticks aclickn'. Happily knitting, Bye.

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