Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here's Goes WIP, Sock Clubs, and Fun

We went to Vegas right after Mother's Day and had a few days of fun. It was warm but windy but it still felt great. We went to several shows, Beatles LOVE, Cirque du Soleil, Penn and Teller and The Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur. Here are a few of my favorite pictures: At the New York, Lady Liberty, made of candy too me this was yummy. I can't remember where but they had a Chocolate fountain or would you call it running chocolate it made me hungry and I wanted chocolate. This was large this picture was just the bottom made you want to dip your fingers into the chocolate and enjoy.
We had fun and to be honest I wasn't ready to come back to work I really wanted a couple of more days off. But reality sets in and back to work I had to go. But I felt a bit more rested and could think clear. I needed to begin to stand up for myself and not let others walk all over me. We'll see how I do.

Sock Clubs have come in and here a few quick shots. The Lopy Ewe Sock Club, Fiber Artist, BFL Socks, 2 patterns The one showing is the is a shawl that I want to knit. Red snap bags from Namaste.  Gena and I are in a new sock club form Knit Fit Knitting  This sock club is called "Socks in the City". Natalie Johnson is the founder and the pattern designer. She has designed sock patterns that are made for heels. Here is a picture of the yarn called Socktini, I love the sock bag, we also got a cute martini glass stitch marker, a pattern tamer titled Knit Responsibly, and a great pattern. I'm going to wind the yarn and hope to cast on tonight. 

From Woolgirl Sock Club, I recieved "May Lily"  included in the kit was Lily of the Valley yarn from Chameleon Colorworks, 2 different patterns, a set of knitting bags with Woolgirl logo, Lily of the Valley scented goat milk soap, fabric covered tape measure, geen pen, a bead stitch marker and a Lily of the Valley gift tag.  A great kit once again from woolgirl. I also got We're Not in Kansas Anymore and The Mad Hatter. Both are great kits  and one day will be knit up.
Here are a few on the finished knit projects: Ishbel a small shawl that was fun to knit. I finally used yarn that I bought from Sock Summit. The yarn was from Liberty Yarns Blutopia, in Istambul, the picture is not the right shade of blue I took a terrible picture.  The next shawl I worked on in Vegas started it on the plane and worked on it all over Vegas. Another yarn from Sock Summit, from Huckleberry Knits, this was their yarn colorway that was summit for the dye for glory competition.  The shawl is a very easy knit and pattern to remember.
I have started another shawl this one is called Triangel I'm using Noro yarn because of the long repeats. I started from the outside of the ball so that it went from dark to light instead of light to dark.  Well that's it for now. So keep those sticks aclickn'. Happily knitting, Bye.

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Toby said...

Bev, I think you covered everything a knitter could want all in one post - mouth watering chocolate, gorgeous new sock yarns, and beautiful shawls!

Vacation sounds fun too. Even a short getaway would be refreshing.