Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone.

I can't believe another month is about to end and I've been I don't know where. O.K. I really know I've been on Face book, I've admitted it. I have enjoyed the stupid little games you get sucked into, Farm-ville, Cafe World, and so many others. But if you are on Face book feel free to make me a friend. We can play silly game together they do take up time.

Things at the restaurant are going great. Business has been good and it is becoming my only life. It seems like when ever I make plans someone get sick and I have to work. That's the way it goes, I guess. Tony and Dad have been making changes since I last posted pictures, they have been painting, putting up new doors and now they are going to put up some saloon doors. The whole atmosphere is becoming more homey and more to the families liking.

So you can see they have been busy. I don't know what Tony's going to do when Dad and Mom head back to California. Which is coming soon, Mom has gotten her release from the Dr. Woo, her knee doctor, so they can head back anytime.

Last Friday I did have a girls day out. YEA!!!! Debi Woods and I went to Local Yarn Shops, it was fun. We headed down to Burlington to Knot Just Yarn, didn't see any thing we wanted so we headed to Mt. Vernon to Wild Fibers. I found a yarn that I hadn't seen before, it's called Spud & Chloe. This yarn is a fine sock, from Peru,  the blend is 80% superwash wool and 20% silk. The colors are bright and bold, I'm going to knit the toe and heels out of the blue and the body in fuschia. The socks will be for a young lady, she's thirteen so these colors will look good. I'm also thinking about using the pattern Double Bubble. Debi and I then headed out to Anacortes to Ana-Cross Stitch, a great shop.  We didn't buy anything but I did like the shop and checked out the book Joy of Sox. A must have for my collection of books. We arounded out the day by going to Beach Basket Yarn & Gifts in Birch Bay for their knitting hour. They have a great group of ladies to knit with I have enjoyed going out there on Friday, so if you are in the area stop by they are knitting from 3 - 5 pm. I ended the evening at the Nuthouse Grill for a steak and beer a great day.

I've been meaning to blog this because I love this picture. We have a large Walnut tree and this year there was a lot of nuts on the tree. Every year we have problems with the crows, getting into the tree and taking all the nuts. I run outside yelling and screaming at them like a mad woman all the time to chase them out of the tree. This year Dad came up with a different plan......... Hide in a the trees and wait and shoot. OK some times it works and sometimes not so well. He still hasn't gotten one but still trying. We have gotten almost all the nuts now and will be leaving the rest for the crows. so we do share I just wish they would wait till we let them have their share.
Well that's it for now. Keep warm and those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oz Sock Club

I can't believe how slow I have been a blogging I forgot to show off my latest Oz kit. The Emerald City arrive this month. so here are the wonderful item we got. Jen from Woolgirl does such a fantastic job on putting these kit together that you have to but them. I can't wait for them to arrive. She uses different dyers for all the kits so you get to try different yarn which is what I love.
The Emerald City featured "That's a Horse of a Different Color!"
The Yarn is by Amy of Madelinetoch the skein is called "Emerald City" there is a mix of emerald greens and blues run through it. LOVE IT!!!!!! The sock pattern is by Kristi Schueler of Designedly, Kristi. The great columns of Emerald City are represented on these socks with a strong syncopated rib which is adorned at both the base (toes) and summit (cuff) with emerald cut gems formed by a unique traveling stitch pattern. This pattern looks very intriguing, I'll cast on one day. We got an Emerald City knitting accessory bag sewn by Sheila D. The is is great because when you open it the inside has the Emerald City fabric.
Jen looks at all the details in her clubs and the extras are what brings everyone back to her clubs. Here is some of the extras. An "Emerald City" pen with a built in green highlighter! 3 mini notepads designed by Christ of Kick Ass Paper Crafts. "A horse of a different color" gift tags designed by Heidi from Simply Stamped.
A detailed "Emerald City" designed by Jillian form Wee Ones. As Jen puts it"I think it's really cool at how the entire Emerald City scene is summed up on this one "uber" tiny stitch marker. A bar of glycerin base soap with jewels inbedded in them, the scent is Cucumber & Ivy yummy by Sunny Day Creations. A mini "Emerald City" tin with a present inside. The tin was designed by Natalie of Favors for You.
Inside the tin is a silver plated "Emerald City" brooch pin designed by Sweetheart Sinner Creations.
As you can see why Jen's kits are the best. All the extra items she finds on Etsy a great place to find all your crafting needs. But the research and time she has to put into finding all these items is unbelievable and to think of all the different kits she put out, this month alone she had 5 or 6 kits going out in the mail and each group is large.

This month I also got my prize from Raining Carts and Dogs Sock Club questioner. It was for a sock bag in the cats and dog theme but here is what I got.
A cute pink bag with Scottie dogs, lots of stickers, dog bone candies and the cutest cat tape dispenser. I couldn't believe low cute it is.

Like I have said Jen is the greatest!!!!!! I will be a customer forever. She has an actual shop now instead of working out of her house. So one day I will go down and see her new place.
That's about it now so keep warm and those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where Has October Gone - WIP

OMG this month has flown by and I'm not moving as fast as the days go by. It's almost Halloween and before I'll know it will be Christmas. Life at the restaurant is going well. I've worked into a actual schedule I work 5 days a week and work 7 shifts in those 5 days so it makes for an interesting week.
Last week, part of my family was here, Paula and her husband, Phil. They came up for the football game on Sunday, Seahawks vs The Jags. YEA SEAHAWKS, we won kicked some Jag. butt. It was a good time visiting with them here is a picture of the group at the Nuthouse. In the picture is from left to right.
Dad, Gena, Me, Mom, Debi Woods, Paula, Phil and Ken Woods. We had a fun filled evening. There was a band that night for Lynden's First Music Festival.
It was good to see Paula and Phil I don't get to visit with them ever so it was a special weekend.

My kitting has been kinds slow, I've had a cold that has been hanging around and not fully hitting me but I'm on the mend and feel so much better so hopefully I'll feel like knitting. So far off the needle this month, I finished my Sunday Swing Socks.
I used Yarn Pirate Rum Runner, this pattern is from Knitty an online magazine that has great patterns this was an extra one for summer. I feel like this pair took forever but they were my travel socks so they didn't get a lot of work.
I have one sock done on my Unholey Monkey socks this is a spin of Cookie A.'s Monkey sock. I used yarn from my stash that has been there for a little over a year. This yarn is from Sock Pixie, she dyes a different color scheme each week. This yarn is called Kate Chopin, it is a Merino superwash. I love her yarn is is a tight yarn so it doesn't split when you tink back of drop a stitch. Here is a close-up of the unholey Monkey see no holes. This is a fun fun pattern. If you want something easy and still a bit of a challenge. This is it and it works great with all the wild colors in the stash. Now I can do Monkeys, No Purl Monkey and Unholey Monkeys what will they come up with next.
Also off the needles I finished this sample knit. It was a easy
fast knit. I had to go out and buy needles to make this I don't have dpn's or circular size 9's. So now I have a circular. I don't know if I would make it again but it was fun. I'm not into stockinette knitting for long periods of time, ok not that long it did take me 4 days to finish. Its done and on its way out the door.
That about all my knitting for now. I've done a little spinning still working on the same roving. I showed Gena how I ply my yarn.
I'll be back soon. So keep warm and those needle aclickn'
Happily knitting socks, Bye.