Friday, April 23, 2010

WIP - Micheal

I've been busy and haven't done a lot of knitting. I seem to have a lot of WIP (work in progress). I've got 5 pairs of socks on the needles and I can't get them off. So I won't start another project until I have 2 pairs done.  I finished my Raindrops shawl and it is blocking so I will show a picture of it when its dry. I've picked out the next shawl I'm going to do Ishbel by Ysolda using Dream in Color Smooshy Cloud Jungle. But I have to finish 2 pair and both pair are into the feet so I should be able to finish fairly fast.

I do have some good news Micheal has moved out. YEA!!!!!  Him and Abby are living together and things there are  going good so far. Abby keeps reminding me she needs more hours at work. Since he is gone we have cleaned the family room and have moved into there. I have to clean the garage to move the boys things in to there that they have left behind. Then the fun begins. I get to remove the cork board off the wall, repair the drywall, rip up the floor, paint and put down new floor in my fiber room. I want to paint the room sunshine yellow, this room does not get sun so to make it feel warm and alive for me I want it bright.
Who knows what it will look like but I'm going to give it a go.

Work has kept me very busy. The strange thing is Tony now gets 2 days off and if I'm lucky I might get 1 off a week some how I don't think that is all that fair. But that's how it goes right now. I'm going to hire at least 1 more person I can't keep picking up the hours when people needs time off. The baseball season at Bender field has begun so we are busier on the weekends. Tony is happy, my feet are not.

Well, that's about all now I promise to take pictures and post of all the WIP so till then
keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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