Friday, August 14, 2009

My Yarn From Sock Summit

Here is the yarn that I brought home. Here is two jumbled up piles of yarn. Does the bumper sticker tell the truth.
From left to right, here goes the purchases: from Knit Witch Yarn Bridge to the Summit, "Portland Rain" and "Brewtopia both yarns are 100% Superwash Merino. The next three are from Mama Llama, "See Spot Run", "Winter" and "Hero". All are a Merino nylon mix. Laying on top is a Fiber Optic Yarn, Foot Notes, this yarn is a Batik, she dye it with 25 colors let it dry and then redye it again. This is one of a kind.

This next group is from one of my all time favorite dyers Miss Babs, she was so wonderful to met in person. All thses colors were dyed just for Sock Summit. "Timberline", "Oregon Cellars" Variation 2, "Roaming Mountain Morning" "Tennessee Moonshine" and "Spinel Ruby". I love all her colors.

In this picture there is The Sanguine Gryphon, Eidos, 100% superwash merino wool "Ctessipus". The next three yarns are from Wool Candy, sweet yarny treats, bamboo merino, "Sakura", 100% superwash merino, "Downtown Dusk" and "Microbrew" both of these colors were in Dye for Glory. The last skein is Dragonfly Fibers, Dragonsock, "Fruit of the Vine" 100% superwash merino.

Lets see in this picture on top is Unique Sheep's entry in Dye for Glory "Verve" a superwash merino. The next two yarns are from Happy Hands Dyed Yarns, Toe Jamz Sock "Witch Woman", and "A River Runs Through It", both are a superwas merino and nylon. Then from Hazel Knits "A Limited Edition Color, in Reds" and " Shanny Pants", both are a superwash merino and nylon. It was so great to meet Wendee. The last skein is from Crafts Meow her Soft Serve, in "Witch's Brew" 100% SW merino, this was a skein I got for a test knit done for her. I'll show it later.

In this last picture we have from Liberty Yarns Bluetopia 100% SW BFL Wool; "Los Alamos" and "Istanbul" I love this blue I can't wait to find the perfect pattern. Of course there had to be some Socks That Rock I got 2 Rare Gems and "Sunkissed Sands". Becomimg Art her Twilight series, "Machote" which is a SW merino nylon blend. On top is a skein for Huckleberry Yarns from right here in Bellingham
I got it in the Apple Yarn booth. This was her Dye for Glory "Winesap" .

I think that was all my yarn. I bought some roving, a project bag, a mug, and from Bar Maids, I got Eursalts and a Lo-Lo Bar. Sorry if I missed things. I'll get to pictures of my spinning and my knitting next time so keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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