Friday, September 21, 2007

First Post

I've finally decided to make a blog. This blog will be about my adventures with yarn and my knitting. I have a yarn addiction and I know it but can not stop buying. I've been known too spend my car payment on the skeins of yarn I had to have. But I needed it, what more can I say. I'm sure everyone has done it not just me. I can't help myself I have to have more yarn.

OK a little about me. I love to knit socks and taught myself my use of the Internet and some great sock knitalongs. I've been knitting sock for almost 2 years and have not stopped, they are a great project to take with you everywhere.

I'm 51 years young have 2 boys, twins 19 years, and can't wait till they finally move out. I have so many plans for there room a wonderful knitting room some place to display my yarns so I can see what I have . Tony, my better half, puts up with my compulsion and all my quirks. We live in the Pacific Northwest up on the Canadian Border.

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