Friday, December 28, 2007

Back to Normal????

Finally Christmas is over and the house is back in order. I have never been a person to leave the tree up till the first of the year as soon as Christmas is over and life resumes to normal, if you can call it that, the tree goes. My dinner party is over and it went well. We did have snow and since I live out in the boonies, that's what everyone had to say, you drive this every day. It only 25 miles one way. I don't mind it, it gives me time to wake up in the morning and to unwind from a day at work. The gift of socks was well taken. I only have to make one pair really fast because I don't have a lot of small sizes. So I will knit them up fast.

I'm going to try to knit out of my stash instead of buying more yarn. Hopefully I can keep to this promise to myself. Although I have decided to remain in the Woolgirl sock club and I have signed up for White Oak Studio's TV yarn's sock club so at least I will have yarn coming in maybe that will be enough to keep me happy. I don't know but I'm going to give it a try.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all.
Keep Knitting those warm wool socks and mittens.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

I put up a Christmas Tree this year, some may say what but last year we didn't put up a tree we just cancelled Christmas, I gave the boys a gift but didn't wrap it didn't have a dinner. I had to work all day from 7 am till 6 pm so who cared about Christmas. But this year is different I put up a tree planning a dinner and giving gifts not wrapped but they get a gift. Then on the following Thursday a group of friends from work will be coming over for dinner and merriment. They just don't know how far they have to drive for dinner. They all live in Bellingham and to get to my house it is 25 miles one way. Hopefully the weather will be good and NO snow.

Knitting updates
I've gotten my two pairs of socks done and now working on baby socks.

The Chapman Spring Wollmeise sock turned out great the pool really looks good and continued down into the foot so it looks about the same. Both socks pooled the same way.

Yarn Pirate Booty Club "Solstice" Monkey turned out good BFL is not one of my favorite yarns just because it split very easily. So please don't drop stitches or you have a mess.

The Baby socks are for a friend coming over for dinner she is due in March so she will need some nice warm sock to bring the baby boy home. I've decided to use up some of my left over sock yarn I didn't realize how much I have and you don't need that much for such small socks. But they are so small, I'm going to make several pairs in different sizes so the baby will have warm feet.
Yarn Updates
I have only added a few skeins:
My last shipment from Yarn Pirate Booty Club arrived this week. I LOVE this colorway, Icicle. The yarn is Merino/Tencel, it is sooo soft and shiny it is one of the reasons that I like this yarn. It reminds me of winter weather, the sky can be so blue with white and gray clouds in it just before there is a change coming.

I also received a package from Woolgirl, I love getting packages from Jen, she takes such good care of her customers that it keeps me going back to buy more yarn. She added Santa Favorite North Pole Special Recipe Chocolate Cocoa, the cutest little sweater purse filled with Kisses.

The yarn I bought the time around was 2 skeins from Dashing Dachs, Twilight Carousel and Wassel both of these colors are perfect for this time of the year. they are a superwash merino, soft and will feel so good on the feet. I also bought some yarn from Hazel Knits, Chocolatier, a yummy colorway of browns I can't wait to find the right pattern to use for this yarn. If some one can think of one let me know.

I also received my Tofutsies December Limited Edition Collection the colorway is really nice its in shades of purple and whites it came with two patterns, Winter Waves Sock and Winterberry Socks either one would look good.

I also have one more yarn coming in from Hazel Knits herself, she is from this area Seattle and is a Seahawks fan, she has dyed a home team colorway just for the Seahawks so I had too order it this spring she will have one just for the Mariners so that is on my to do list. Just got the post and guess what was there you are right. I LOVE this yarn Wendee does a great job on the colorway I see the Seahawks GO TEAM.

For some reason I can't get some of my pictures down loaded into flicker but will get them added later.
I will leave you for now Keep those needle a clicking and the socks going out.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to one and all.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Life Update

I have been busy, I just don't have a thing to show for it. I haven't been working that hard at my J O B so I just don't know what I've been up to. I have been working on my two pairs of sock and am actually been getting somewhere. My Solstice Monkey's are coming along I'm on the second sock and almost to the heel. So this pair is coming along very nice. I have just a week to get them done.

The other pair, the Wollmeise Pattern is really turning out really cool. I had to frog it and I then changed needle sizes and then frogged again changed stitch count and it has turning out good. I really am happy with the pooling at first I wasn't quite sure but as the sock grew I liked it more. I just had to hoped the second one turns out the same and it is. So all is good.

So I got my Woolgirl Sock club bonus shipment the other day and it was GREAT Jen keeps out doing herself every time I just don't see how she does it. We received yarn from "The Unique Sheep" The colorway is to represent a Spruce tree with the different variations of green. A pattern was designed to showcase the yarn. We also got in this package, Cider House Gourmet flavors, Orange Spice and Cinnamon Spice, a green tree, candy and 2 large cinnamon sticks. I almost forgot a stitch marker from Mama Llama which I can't wait to use.

I missed the sale at Wool Girl for White Oak Studios tvyarn, I got ahold of Jana and she dyed me some of here Frosty the Snowman and Charlie Brown Christmas. When I seen these colors on the Adventures of Woolgirl and Abby, I had to have. Thank goodness for the Internet.

Gena, my sister, and I got together this week. We met at "Apple Yarn" in Bellingham. We looked and fondled yarn to our hearts content it was a real pleasure. After our fondling we decided to sit and visit and knit. We must have sat in the shop for about 4 hours it was fun, people would come up and look at what we were working on. I was just a great afternoon, then I had to go home and do housework yuk.
So keep the sticks clicking and have a great week.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

More Yarn

I'm beginning to sound like I've got a problem, but when I see a yarn I like I just have to buy. I did buy these two yarns in November on my birthday so I guess its o.k.

This yarn I got on Etsy from Poppy Flower Fibers in Boulder, Colorado. The yarn is named "Winter" a hand-painted superwash Merino. I really like these colors deep purple burgundy, green to all shades in between these shades. There is 500 yds so lots of yarn to play with. Super soft and squishy

The other yarn I purchased is also from Etsy Fat Cat Knits, "Bermuda Sand" a color that makes me want to play in the sun and sand. 75% wool 25% nylon 460 yds, lots to knit with. She did have some great colors but this one took my fancy, medium tones with warm neutral shades, light dusky oranges and soft ashy purples soft shades.

So this is the end of my birthday yarn shopping. What next...........

So after work today I decided to go by Apple Yarns just to see what they had, and because they where having a knit along sock knitting on Sundays from 12-2. I got off early and just want to see what other people where knitting. No one was knitting so I had to buy yarn. I found a sooooo very soft Alpaca Sox color #1875 Pebbles. 60%alpaca, 20% merino 20% nylon, 450 yards.
It has written: Reasons to Knit Alpaca Sox: luxurious blend of fibers, beautiful colors, superior softness and warmth. Made in Peru. They had just gotten this yarn in, I had a hard time trying to pick out what I wanted to buy I was drawn to Panda Silk, 52% bamboo, 43% merino wool and 5% combed silk talk about soft I think that will be my next purchase.
I've also ordered some yarn from "White Oaks Studio" I missed the Christmas sale of her yarns at Wool girl, so I emailed Jana and she is going to dye me yarn in "Charlie Browns Christmas" and "Frosty the Snowman", I fell in love with these two colors. I bought other yarns from Jana and love the feel she has some of the best color schemes that I've seen. I want to get in to her "Chick Flicks" Tvyarn Sock Club when she opens up her next round.
My socks are not doing as well The Wollmeise pattern was frogged just restarted it. My monkey sock are to the toe so I'll see what happens from there.
Well that's all for now. Keep those sticks a clicking. Happy holidays
Well that's all for now.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow and Knitting

Here is a picture of Micheal's car. We called it the Rhinomobile, his named for the car,till he took the snow off to go to work. It snowed Saturday and Sunday when everyone else in the area is getting rain up here in upper Whatcom County we get more snow and northeast winds coming out of the Fasier Valley. As it warmed up it turned to freezing rain and then finally rain. Today as least the roads where clear this morning.

Here's an update on my socks. Wollmeise Sock is coming along good. I like the colors and the pattern looks good with the yarn. To me its always so hard to get the two to look good together. I love how Sock that Rock knits up its such a treat to knit with.
The Monkey sock are coming along also its hard to work on both socks at the same time and to keep them at an even pace. I still love the colors of the yarn. Thank you so much Georgia from Yarn Pirate.
BFL still isn't on of my favorites but its coming along.
Not much else happening at this moment. So keep those sticks clicking and keep warm.